• The Scottish Society for Contamination Control

    The objectives of S2C2 as laid down in its constitution are:

    • To advance the education of the public in matters relating to the practice and science of contamination control.
    • To assist in the development of contamination control for the benefit of the public, not only for the advancement of the education of the public but also for the furtherance of their health.
    • To assist in the standardisation of effective methods of contamination control.

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    • Membership Range

      The membership of the society, which is now over 1,000, has members active in the fields of

      • Cleanroom design, construction and validatio.
      • Cleanroom suppliers of contamination control materials or service.
      • Cleanroom suppliers of equipment used in the construction of cleanrooms.
      • Pharmaceutical & medical devices
      • Biotechnology
      • Electronics
      • Hospital
      • Optical
      • Semiconductor
      • University, research & publishing